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Braces with Missing Teeth—McMurray, PA · Bethel Park, PA

How Braces Can Help Those with Missing Teeth

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One of the most common questions we receive is, “Is it possible to get braces with missing teeth?” Fortunately, the answer is yes! Dr. Cartwright and Dr. Palmer can use traditional braces or clear aligners to help patients with crooked or crowded teeth…even if they have a few gaps. For both adults and children, undergoing orthodontic treatment despite having missing teeth can be very beneficial for both the long-term health and appearance of their smiles. How does it work? Read on below to learn more!

Braces for Children with Missing Teeth

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Dr. Cartwright and Dr. Palmer routinely give children with missing teeth braces because, ideally, orthodontic treatment should start around the age of 7-8, when most children have a mix of primary and permanent teeth (as well as a few spaces).

Orthodontics cannot only make a child’s existing teeth straight, but it can also ensure that there is enough space in the mouth for the incoming teeth to erupt properly. This can prevent further issues down the road and dramatically shorten a child’s overall treatment time compared to waiting for all of their teeth to come in before starting braces.

Plus, braces can make sure that a child’s bite is properly aligned despite how many teeth they may have, which will make speaking and eating much easier as they grow, plus it can prevent jaw pain and accelerated enamel wear that can be caused by the teeth not coming together correctly.

Braces for Adults with Missing Teeth

close up of woman with clear braces and missing front tooth

For adults, whether they are missing teeth due to injury, decay, or genetics, orthodontics can be used to create enough space in the mouth to place new teeth, such as dental implants. Working with your general dentist and oral surgeon, Dr. Cartwright and Dr. Palmer can correct any crowding caused by your missing teeth, align your bite, and help your mouth have the room it needs for your custom-made pearly whites. In addition to helping a patient ultimately achieve a perfectly straight and complete smile, this approach can also make sure that the remaining teeth don’t shift as time goes on, which is a common issue for adults with tooth loss.

Additional Considerations

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Patients with missing teeth may need to get spacers in their mouth either before or during orthodontic treatment to maintain enough room between the teeth during the straightening process. And, as with all orthodontic patients, a person will be asked to wear a retainer after the braces or last aligner comes off. This will keep the shifted teeth in their new positions, which will allow adult teeth to come in easily or maintain the space for replacement teeth.

Have Questions?

Over the years, Dr. Cartwright and Dr. Palmer have helped countless patients with missing teeth get the straight and stunning smiles they desire. A few gaps don’t have to prevent someone from getting the treatment they need, and to learn more about you or your child’s options here at Cartwright Orthodontics, give one of our locations a call today